What is 18K Gold Plated Jewelry ?
  • 18K gold plated Jewelry is not made of gold but base metal or silver applied with a layer of 18K gold by chemical or electrochemical plating. It is a very popular way to make jewelry with a gold richness color, based on its excellence in hardness and reasonable price. 18K gold plated jewelry becomes competitive in today’s jewelry market and very desirable and pleasure to wear. Gold plated jewelry items are stronger than solid gold items and will last longer. Gold is a very soft and malleable metal; the higher the karat, the softer and more malleable the item is. A gold plated item, with a thin coating of gold on the outside, is a great way to have the appearance of gold, while having a strong and durable item of jewelry. Gold plated jewelry can handle the abuse of everyday wear more so than solid gold.
    How to store your jewels when not wearing them? 
    • Store jewelry separately to avoid scratching.
    • Clean and carefully dry them when storing them in an airtight jewelry box or a plastic self seal bag.
    • Make sure to close it before storing it to avoid tangling.